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A gift for March 8: what does a woman want?

13 марта 2019, в 21:33


What women want to get as a gift for March 8, and whether men know about it.

Survey results showed that most women (85%) would prefer a romantic gift on this spring holiday, while a third of men (30%) are going to give something useful.


Any gift is better than a gift certificate, but not underwear or kitchen utensils.


To the question “Which is better - a gift or a gift certificate?”, 76% of women and 64% of men answered that it was more pleasant when a man took the time to find an individual gift. Even if the gift is unsuccessful, attention is what is valuable.


But still it is better to avoid a gift that will spoil the mood of the beloved on this holiday. The survey showed that in no case you can not give underwear, and you can get a frying pan donated for March 8 on the head.


Women's choice: more than 40% of ladies will be delighted with a delicate bouquet of tulips instead of a bouquet of roses!

Our women were much more romantic than men expected. So, 24% of women will be most of all happy with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from a loved one. Almost half of the men surveyed (45%) think that it is the roses that should be given on international women's day. However, three times less women - only 16% - would prefer a bouquet of roses on March 8. On this spring holiday, most women (40%) will be delighted with a bouquet of tulips.


Joint leisure time with your beloved is appreciated by lovely ladies more than jewelry. The study showed that 25% of participants prefer going to the theater or to the concert. Only 20% of women chose diamonds, while 36% of men think that women want precious gifts.


A pleasant surprise according to the results of the study turned out that the overwhelming majority (90%) of both men and women did not consider it necessary to give an expensive gift in order to show the power of their love.


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