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Abstinence before the wedding night.

1 июня 2019, в 15:57


Abstinence before the wedding night.

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Sexual component plays an important role in the relationship between a man and a woman. Some people still choose abstinence and deliberately refuse intimate relationships.

In the era of total emancipation and the availability of a variety of contraceptive methods, the topic of abstinence before marriage may sound strange. Many consider the prohibition of intimacy between partners before the wedding night an obsolete prejudice, but some couples consciously decide to “wait until the wedding”.


Different couples define abstinence for themselves in different ways: for some, it is a refusal to have sexual intercourse as such, while others try to minimize any physical contact with each other.


Causes of abstinence

The most common cause of abstinence is the refusal of sexual activity associated with the decision to “take care of yourself for true love”, when the first proof of marriage night is considered the main evidence of love for a partner.


Contrary to popular belief, family life does not always act as a guarantee of regular sex. When the first love passes, sex sometimes turns into a routine, and many couples, instead of diversifying their sex life, simply abandon it as if they are bored with activities.


Some couples decide to refrain from intimate relationships due to illness of one of the partners or because of the fear of an unplanned pregnancy.


Temperance before marriage strengthens marriage

Employees of the Brigham Young University School of Family Life in Utah (USA) interviewed more than 2,000 married couples who practiced abstinence before the wedding and found that 22% of couples have stronger relationships and more intense sex life than couples having premarital sex. Satisfaction with relationships and the quality of communication between partners in such couples is higher by 15% and 12%, respectively *.


Professor Dan Busby explains this pattern by the fact that between a man and a woman there are other relationships besides sexual. Couples during abstinence learned to communicate with each other and effectively solve problems that arise.


Sex has the peculiarity of creating the illusion of love and affection even among absolutely incompatible people. Having relegated the rest to the background, partners with their heads plunge into relationships based solely on physical attraction, and, as is known, it does not last forever. Abstinence, on the contrary, can help partners at an earlier stage to understand how compatible they are, because mutual understanding is very important for strong relationships.


Whether you decide to wait with your partner before the wedding or not, you decide. The main thing that you both feel comfortable with it.


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