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European holidays: affectionate nicknames, or how to flirt with the locals!

13 марта 2019, в 21:21

The holiday season is still in full swing: the time has come for a trip to Europe and an innocent flirt. Knowing a couple of banal words in the local language has long been no surprise. But, having called your object of sympathy known only to a native speaker as a tender nickname, you can not only surprise your interlocutor, but also start a fascinating novel.

As it turned out, every country in Europe has its favorite nickname:


The British call their beloved “Darling” (Beloved / th), while the French do not hide their feelings and turn to their half “Mon cœur” (My heart). The Spaniards, not inferior to the French in passion, are not limited to earthly nicknames and poetically call their favorite "Cielo" (My Paradise).


Fervent Irish do not change their glory and warmly call their beloved "Baby" (Kid / - ka).


The German is known for his restraint in relationships, but after hearing from him a short “Schatzi” (Treasure), you will immediately understand that this is love. Like the Germans, the Austrians and the Swiss prefer the literal “Schatzi”, hinting at the value of a loved one.


In contrast to pragmatic neighbors, sincere Eastern Europeans prefer sweet and tender nicknames for their loved ones: Cica (Kitten) in Hungary, Miláček (Favorite / - th) in Czech Republic, Kochanie (Favorite / th) in Poland.


Going on a cruise in Scandinavia, do not forget to write down the Danish nickname “Skat” (Kid / - ka), Norwegian “Kjære” (Favorite / th), Swedish “Älskling” (Dear / th) and Finnish “Kulta” (Zolotze) .

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